........4a...MT SLING trade pattern


The MT SLING is a combination pattern - MACD EMAs and the Stochastic... 
MT for price direction (trend) and STO for the 'trigger" (entry)
This signal-set usually triggers on a pull-back after a bottom has printed. 
Frequency of occurrence is very high.

Without the vertical and horizontal scales you would be hard pressed to tell whether 
you were viewing a 3 month daily, a 15 minute per bar or a short term tick chart. 
The MT Slingshot pattern prints on any time frame or market.
This example combines divergence with the MT SLING signals 

Be flexable...use multiple time frames
A look at a 3 time frame trade using the higher ones for spotting the trend.
Remember "Buy-the-Dips" ? Sometimes they are continuation signals.

Frequency of occurrence
Divergence on the higher time frame is an excellent entry signal by itself
 (see the vertical white dots on the 35T chart)
As "second chance" entries, MT SLINGS are more useful on the lower time frames
(see the vertical blue line on the 20T and compare it to that of the 35T.)
Continuation MT SLING...CMTS...No matter what you call it
 combining the MAC Trend and the Stochastic is a strong rational for entry.

The pattern continually reveals itself on all time frames...
Why use MACD? The trend is your friend...
MT SLINGs on a 30 minute time based chart
MT SLINGs on a tick based chart
Even with this very reliable pattern, as always....USE STOPS