This top notch trading software has been developed by the same people who 
developed QuoteTracker software  (Link to Medved Trader down-load) .
It can be operated using Yahoo Finance real-time streaming quotes and backfill (free).  
It can also be run simultaneously with other trading software and data feeds.

ApexTrader and MT can be run simultaneously using the same data feed without issues .

 The free version of Medved Traderwill open a maximum of two charts which allows 
you to have a total of 12 charts showing on your layout when ApexTrader is open.

Some chart setups on a single monitor:

Do you like to mix up the colors on your charts?

This is an example of a 2 monitor layout that I created.
 It includes portfolios of all symbols included in the data feed that I subscribe to.

Paintbar design and a nice set drawing tools add to the customization that's available.
I very much like that you can have annotations draw across all your charts or be unique to any one.