........ApexTrader Template Downloads

Updated 01/23/2019
Most of the templates of the charts shown on this blog are available. I can e-mail their files to you.
 (if I can find them on my computer - I've made 1000's over the years). 
Use the contact form and include the template name which is in the title-bar or attach a screenshot.
Some people may be able to download the chart templates shown on this page 
for use in your ApexTrader software. A link for downloading is above each chart.
Those links 'should' open to a page showing the actual code and a Download button on the upper right.
Sometimes a sign-in pop up request appears. If so, click "Continue without sign-in" at the bottom.
  After downloading and installing in your ApexTrader program they will open with 
all the colors, indicators and properties shown. You can re-name it whatever you like. 
And of course you can change colors and indicator parameters to suit ... 


C k) M-T w White bars (WmaMac) (SMA.xml
This variation shows the WmaMac in a separate study pane.
The LH chart has the indicator 'scrolled' up, out of the price pane.
The other two show the TRIX histo and the MACD histo.

Filled candlesticks, monthly separators, NO time lines over Stochastic and MACD
Hollow candlesticks with a TRIX EMA, a TRIX histogram and several vertical
time lines in the price pane over a Stochastic and an MACD in the study

M)  WRB(S) w Th MACD...  (STO+Th TRIXh+EMAs
Solid body Candlesticks, all time lines plus a thick MACD histogram w EMAs in the price pane.
Stochastic %D, Thick TRIX histogram and 2 TRIX EMAs in the study

c) (MACh + 15 minute TL +10 Pt Grid (TRIXh+STO.xml
Very similar to the template above -- OHLC price bars, the MACD EMAs are transparent, thinner histograms
with the Stochastic's scale on the left, TRIX scale is on the right.  

OHLC bars, TRIX histo + TRIX EMA, 1/2 hour time lines in the price pane
over Stochastic and MACD in the study

Multiple ApexTrader templates
This link will send you a Dropbox page where you can download a .zip folder containing many different template files...
Currently there are 13 different templates.
Once the files are extracted you can copy and paste them into your ApexTrader Template folder.