........ApexTrader Template Downloads

08/26/2017 The 1st seven charts below are my current T-Mode templates.
All use 15 minute vertical time lines and 10-point horizontal level lines.
Their .xml files can be e-mailed for your use in ApexTrader...

The template below can be easily manipulated to show various configurations. 
Alternatively you could save multiple templates with the different configurations 
but I prefer keeping my saved template list to a minimum.
C c) MACh or TRXh (2 STO+MACh+WmaMac EMAs

Either a MACD histo or TRIX histo can be displayed within the price pane. 
In order to switch from TRIXh to MACDh, open All Active Indicators, select the proper
 MACD (there are two listed) and change Visible to On.

Below is another example of manipulation of the same template as show above.
Here the Style has been changed from OHLC bars to Candlesticks. 
Also  the All Active Indicators was used to change the negative candlesticks from white to orange. 
C k) M-T w White bars (WmaMac) (SMA.xml
This variation shows the WmaMac in a separate study pane.
The LH chart has the indicator 'scrolled' up, out of the price pane.
The other two show the TRIX histo and the MACD histo.

C c) MACh or TRXh (2 STO+MACh+WmaMac EMAs

The following is another variation of the above templates
C c X) MACh+SigWma or TRXh (2 STO+MACh+WmaMac EMA
This one is very similar to (3) above except the STO %D uses a T3 rather than SMA 
and the Mac Signal WMA is moved to the study pane, the Mac Main WMA is with price. 
C c X4) MACh+WmaMac or TRXh (T3 STO+MACh+SigWma

C d) STO   w Price (MACh+WmaMac EMAs

C e) MACh w Price+WmaMac dots (STO

C k) M-T w White bars+WmaMac  (SMA
Download this "dual action" template by clicking the link above.
A detailed explanation of how its components interact is posted 
on my ApexTrader chart features page.   

More templates
The .xml files for the templates shown in the pictures below can be downloaded 
for using in your ApexTrader software.  They will open with all the properties shown. 
Click the link that's above any of the charts below to download it's file.
A new tab will open DropBox file sharing page showing the template's .xml code

1) Click the Download button that is located on the top right side of that page
2) If a sign-up page pops up click NO THANKS continue to download 

The selected .xml file will be downloaded to your browser and/or to your main download folder.
Copy and paste the downloaded .xml file into your ApexTrader Template folder**. 
(**right click any chart, select Templates/Load from File and paste the downloaded .xml file into that folder)
High-light the new template file and click Open...it will load the new template to your chart.

Download from 4shared -- detailed download and installation Instructions are on this page. 

Above each template picture is the link to my DropBox download page.
After installing it in your ApexTrader program you can re-name it whatever you like.
And of course you can change colors and indicator parameters to suit ... 

a) Any daily
Filled candlesticks, monthly separators, NO time lines over Stochastic and MACD
Hollow candlesticks with a TRIX EMA, a TRIX histogram and several vertical
time lines in the price pane over a Stochastic and an MACD in the study

M)  WRB(S) w Th MACD...  (STO+Th TRIXh+EMAs
Solid body Candlesticks, all time lines plus a thick MACD histogram w EMAs in the price pane.
Stochastic %D, Thick TRIX histogram and 2 TRIX EMAs in the study

c) (MACh + 15 minute TL +10 Pt Grid (TRIXh+STO.xml
Very similar to the template above -- OHLC price bars, the MACD EMAs are transparent, thinner histograms
with the Stochastic's scale on the left, TRIX scale is on the right.  

OHLC bars, TRIX histo + TRIX EMA, 1/2 hour time lines in the price pane
over Stochastic and MACD in the study

Multiple ApexTrader templates
This link will send you a Dropbox page where you can download a .zip folder containing many different template files...
Currently there are 13 different templates.
Once the files are extracted you can copy and paste them into your ApexTrader Template folder.