Below is a partial listing of my Trading/Investment library. The first one listed is probably the best of them all - other favorites, some that I still look through regularly are in Aqua text and underlined.

Reminiscences of a Stock OperatorEdwin Lef `evre  1923
Trading For A LivingDr. Alexander Elder1993
Technical Analysis of Stock TrendsEdwards and Magee1948
Technical Analysis for the Trading
Constance Brown1999
Aerodynamic TradingConstance Brown1995
The 100 Best Stocks to Own in AmericaGene Walden1989
Sure-thing Options TradingGeorge Angell1984
Stock Index OptionsDonald T. Mesler1985
Trader Vic – Methods of a Wall Street Master

Victor Sperandeo


The Master Swing Trader  Alan s. Farley                                                                            2001  

The Money Masters

John Train1980
The Renewal FactorRobert H. Waterman, Jr.1987
Fooled By RandomnessNassim Nicholas Taleb2001
Technical Analysis From A to ZSteven B. Achelis1995
The Conservative Investors Guide to OptionsLeRoy Gross1999
Trading Commodity FuturesFrederick F. Horn1984
The Rational InvestorEdward f. Mrkvicka, Jr.1991
If It's Raining in Brazil, Buy StarbucksPeter Navarro2002
Bollinger on Bollinger BandsJohn Bollinger2001
Trading Rules - Strategies for SuccessWilliam F. Eng1990
The 21 Irrefutable Truths of TradingJohn H. Hayden2000
Secrets of the SOES BanditHarvey Houtkin1998
One Up on Wall StreetPeter Lynch1989
The Long-Term DaytraderMicheal Sincere2000
The Dow BeatersIra U. Cobleigh1979
The Complete Option PlayerKenneth R. Trester1981
Future PerfectStanley M. Davis1987
A Random Walk Down Wall StreetBurton G. Malkiel1981
The Imposter PhenomenonDr. Pauline Rose Clance1985
Martin Zweig's Winning With New IRAsMartin E. Zweig1987
Contrary Investing for the 90sRichard E. Band1989
The Encyclopedia of Trading StrategiesJeffery Owen Katz, Ph. D.2000
The Disciplined TraderMark Douglas1990
Trading in the ZoneAri Kiev2001
Common Stocks and Uncommon ProfitsPhilip A. Fisher1996
How to Make Money in StocksLouis Rukeyser1976
Make Your Money GrowThe Kiplinger Washington Editors1981
The Motley Fool investment GuideDavid & Tom Gardner1997
Market WizardsJack D. Schwager1990
The New Market WizardsJack D. Schwager1992
How To Be Your Own StockbrokerCharles Schwab1984
How To Make Money In StocksWilliam J. O'neil1988
Zen In The MarketsEdward Allen Toppel1992
24 Essential Lessons for Investment SuccessWilliam J. O'neil2000
The New Contrariety Investment SrategyDavid Drevan1982
Controlling Interest Rate RiskRobert B. Platt1986
How To Take Money From Wall StreetTony Oz2002
The Stock TraderTony Oz2000
Wall Street WordsDavid L. Scott1997
How To Get Started In Electronic Day TradingDavid S. Nassar1999
A Beginner's Guide to Day Trading OnlineToni Turner2000
Blood In The StreetsJ.D. Davidson & Sir William Rees-Mogg1987
The Psychology of RiskAri Kiev2002
Mind Over MarketsJ. Dalton, E.T. Jones, R. Dalton1993
RiskAlan R. Winger, Ph.D.1995
Candlestick Charting ExplainedGregory L. Morris1992
Japanese Candlestick Charting TechniquesSteven Nison2001
Put and Call OptionsHenry K. Clasing, Jr.1975
Super StocksKenneth L. Fisher1984
Inflation-ProofingYour InvestmentsHarry Brown Terry Coxon1981
The World After OilBruce Nussbaum1983
The Warren Buffett WayRobert G. Hagstrom1994
High-Return-Low-Risk-investmentThomas Herzeld & Robert Drach1981
Finding the Next SuperStockFrank A. Cappiello1980
The Coming Global BoomCharles R. Morris1990
The Small Investor's Guide to Large Profits...Justin Heatter1983
How To Buy MoneyWayne F. Nelson1981
Getting Rich With Low-Priced StocksF. Phillip Rice1984
Security InvestmentsDavid L. Scott1981

Street Smart Investing

G.B. Clairmont & Kiril Sololoff1983

Easy Riches

Tom Taylor 1982