Use the 61% and 78% Fibonacci percentages for entries and targets. 

Brach Zones happen on all time frames whether price is trending up or down.

Focusing on these two percentages came from a trader named Brach who frequented daCharts.com.
 He was adept at combining support/resistance,  P/A waves and triangles, along with Fibonacci to trade futures.
Another accomplished trader,  NQoos came up with the term Brach Zone.

I adapted parts of Brach's methods and created this picture explanation around 2005 using QuoteTracker software.
To this day I continue to see the validity of the method described...

03/30/2016...BZs are natural Reversal Areas
06/30/2016...BZs and reaction to news events
09/13/2016...BZs can define other patterns

07/03/2015...Happy 4th of July
Celebrating our Independence Day


11/28/2014...single session
Price Action, Patterns, Signals = Reversal...the BZ used as a target area:

03/11/2014 BZ Target level

Combined with other technical patterns/signals...this chart covers five 24 hour sessions in the NQ.

11/4/2013 BZ levels in a down trend
The 61.8% to 78.65% levels are high lighted with boxes at the reversal areas on a very 'fast' 60 tick 
YM chart illustrating how often these levels can come into play...
12/21/2015...BZ retrace levels
You can use Brach Zone Fibonacci levels to project target areas  for potential reversals..
Multiple BZ areas often end up describing a triangular consolidation pattern...

More examples of the BZ pattern...

BZ  projections for some fun...
ES daily regression channel has been penetrated...

BZ B-C is the target for "Sell in May and go away" into
the fall which historically is a good long entry point.
BZ B-C is the target of the minor channel - the lowest point for a reversal if the up trend is to continue...the do-or-die point.
01/15/2015...Another BZ fun observation...
The RUT was playing pong with recent Brach Zone levels...a doozy of a doji too.
01/15/2015...More BZ projections with patterns
Below the ES is dropping out of a rising wedge with the BZ beckoning...
Its interesting to me that the longer term Oct thru Dec BZ retrace area co-insides with the shorter term
 Fibonacci extensions from December's Low-to-High run.
Also interesting is the alignment of the BZ target area with August's low...
Perhaps a channel might begin if price does run down there and reverses...would make that area a 4-of-5 wave...

The next two charts are examples of using various traditional T/A tools and BZ Fibonacci levels to help make sense of Price Action. I posted the charts and comments (in bold/italics) on the iHub board at 8:15 in the morning 

 Bulls - a measured move of yesterday's up trend suggests a 15470 target today.
Bears - the H&S target (15327) at the lower area of the Brach Zone has not yet been reached.
If it can't beat 15385, the potential measured move down sets a target of 13315 for today.
(Price is attempting to beat the recent HH @15385 as I type)

 (15 minutes later) 
Looking like the Bulls have it.
Some days you are in the Zone
Another In the Zone day

The chart below is another example of how I use the BZ : On the USO daily chart below I've drawn a Fibonacci grid from the low in June to the high in September. It looks as though price has retraced much of that rally and may be consolidating after spending time bouncing in and out of the Brach Zone. 

If we speculate that support has been found at the Oct-Nov lows and a reversal is imminent, then we can project a rally that could retrace much of the previous down trend and run towards the 'new' Brach Zone area up around $35 to $36...the 'new' Fibonacci grid was drawn from the high in September to the November low.

In this example the daily chart shows MACD histogram divergence between September and November...
Plus the green down-slopping trend line (drawn using a weekly chart) seems like it may be the line to beat
 as price heads for the next BZ target in the $35 to $36 area.

02/13/2013 Here's the same chart as above but updated -  it shows the rally
 into the projected BZ Target which was identified last November.

The weekly USO chart below is another look at measuring BZ retraces along with a little P/A describing a 5-wave decline on the left side...
 Note the different tops used for BZ B and C ... Usually I'll use the higher-high at B for the start point but I have no hard and fast rule for where to start and end the BZ grids.

A year in the INDU
An example of using the Fibonacci grids to measure retrenchments and for projecting  BZ (Brach Zone) grids to extrapolate where we might trend into the future. Also included on the chart are examples of using P/A (price/action) and Divergence.

Five years in the INDU with some of the BZ grids

3/07/2013 2B Dragon and BZ initial target
Here's an example that examines multiple rational using some of my favorite T/A patterns in order to enter a position, to project targets and to set stops...This Stock just hit my radar today...the following is my T/A take on it's prospects for making money for me...just for grins I suggest you put this stock in a watchlist and check on it once in a while - to see if my T/A has any merit.

After a 5 Wave Wedge decline, TSU printed a very well defined 2B Dragon double bottom. I drew a Brach Zone retrace grid from the high in June 2012 (which is the top of the dragon's tail) to the low in October (the dragon's rear feet) to see a potential 1st target area of the 2B double bottom. 
   The price consolidation area (the dragon's head) formed at resistance (at the dragon's hump level) before breaking upwards...

Price then broke through the longer term resistance Over-Under-Support-Resistance at Round Number $20. Having broken above and having retested that area this past February, the way is cleared for the up trend to continue towards the BZ target area...The BZ 78.6% upper limit happens to co-inside with an Unfilled Gap from early July of last year, which is the 'logical place to expect major resistance before price continues to the eventual projected target @ $28 (the top of the dragon's Tail).

5/13/2013   3xD reversal and BZ target 
Here's another example of the usefulness of BZ Fibonacci levels for gauging target possibilities. Although there was no Trend-Line-Break-Retest for an limit order buy entry, the 'perfect' way to trade this was to enter early, under the trend line...or the use of a trailing Buy-Stop, at the down trend line just above the developing bar...Use these two methods IF the 3xD is spotted early enough...
But even if you are a little late, a Buy-at-Market would have worked...and a tight initial stop-loss could still have been placed under the recent low, protecting you in the event that the Divergence and Trend-Line-Break entry signals end up failing...