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Short reviews of the day's market action after the majors close....
Wednesday 02/21/2018

Tuesday 02/20/2017

Monday 02/19/2018
1/2 session low volume little movement
Friday 02/16/2018
Rosenstein announces 13 indictments (+3 'entities') of Russians for interference
 in US elections...FISA court throws the onus back to the DOJ re: warrants.  

Thursday 02/15/2018

Wednesday 02/14/2018
 Strong up sessions on volume. Stochastic is running but MACD trend (EMAs) has not turned as of yet.

Tuesday 02/13/2018

Monday 02/12/2018
Volatility remaining high...It's relatively early to expect a retrace as of yet although
 I've marked the BZ areas...stochastic indicators are turning up from the O/S area.

Friday 02/09/2018
Again volume and volatility remained very high

Thursday 02/08/2018

Volume and volatility remained very high 

Wednesday 02/07/2018
Futs margin reduced back to normal (9:30 AM)

Tuesday 02/06/2018
Very heavy volume with very wide ranges again today. 

Monday 02/05/2018
Reality sets in - 100% margin on Futs instituted

Friday 02/02/2018
 something evil in Washington has been exposed

Thursday 02/01/2018
The Nunes memo reportedly will be released tomorrow

Wednesday 01/31/2018

Tuesday 01/30/2018
State of the Union address tonight

Monday 01/29/2018
#2 McCabe at FBI "removed" from position...
House votes tonight whether to @ReleaseTheMemo

Friday 01/26/2018 ATH

Thursday 01/25/2018
YM & ES (MMO) closing ATHs as well as at the session close.  

Wednesday 01/24/2018

Tuesday 01/23/2018

Monday 01/22/2018... ATH

Monday morning 01/22/2018
Looking like this week may be pivotal

Friday 01/19/2018...ATH

Thursday 01/18/2018

 Wednesday 01/17/2018...ATH

Tuesday 01/16/2018

Monday 01/15/2018...ATH
MLK holiday half session

Friday 01/12/2018...ATH

Thursday 01/11/2018...ATH

 Wednesday 1/10/2018

Tuesday 01/09/2018

Monday 01/08/2018
Inadvertently missed recording today's charts

Friday 01/05/2018
Again, all time closing highs 

 Thursday 01/04/2018...ATH
Again, all time closing highs with volume slowly creeping up  this week...

Wednesday 01/03/2018
All time closing highs

Tuesday 01/02/2018

Very little movement in the YM compared to the ES and NQ